Technical Surveillance Countermeasures

Technical surveillance countermeasures utilize state-of-the-art equipment and expert TSCM technologists to provide an electronically secured area (residence, office or meeting venue) void of surreptitious interception equipment. Our team of experts is trained in the finest detection techniques for deployed electronic, physical and optical devices.

Being former wiretappers, we can identify and confirm deployed surreptitious interception equipment.

We conduct TSCM services at any location where corporate intelligence and personal information may be subject to compromise, be it corporate offices, small businesses, off-site venues, residences, cottages, vehicles, boats/vessels and aircraft.

Our People

Allan (Al) Doubrough

Allan Doubrough is our president. After seven successful years at Dyplex Communications Ltd as manager of technical surveillance countermeasures section, Doubrough founded Ubiquity Countermeasures Inc.

Prior to entering the Private Sector, Doubrough was employed as a Detective with the Ontario Provincial Police. His last posting was with the technical support services as a wiretapper, TSCM specialist, and electronic tracking officer.

Ubiquity Countermeasures Inc

Doubrough's career spanned 27 years with the O.P.P. culminating with his retirement in 2009. Before the O.P.P., he was an electronics engineering technologist working for Transport Canada in communications and navigational equipment.

Ubiquity Countermeasures Inc

Stephen (Steve) Gillespie

TSCM technologist Steve joined Ubiquity Countermeasures at its inception in 2016. Similar to Al, he worked with Dyplex Communications Ltd. as a bug sweeper. Upon his retirement from the Ontario Provincial Police in 2013, he also had specialized training with the police as a member of technical support services.

He was a wiretapper, TSCM specialist, alarm specialist as well as a video and photographic surveillance specialist. Before joining the O.P.P., he was a telephone technician.

Robert (Rob) Elvidge

TSCM technologist Rob joined Ubiquity Countermeasures in the spring of 2017. Rob retired from the Canadian Armed Forces where he learned his niche training in the field of technical surveillance countermeasures. He is a welcome addition to the team and brings a diversified experience with his numerous years with the Canadian military, where he specialized in both countermeasures and security.

Al, Steve, and Rob combined have over 50 years of related experience in security, electronics and most importantly technical surveillance countermeasures.

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