We Deploy the Latest Sweep Technology to Address Threats

At Ubiquity Countermeasures Inc. we have over 50 years of combined law enforcement and military experience.

Our TSCM technologists are hand-picked

At Ubiquity Countermeasures, our TSCM technologists meet a unique set of standards. Our TSCM technologists are hand-picked to offer our clients a superior level of service.

Each technologist has been hired based on their niche set of skills and experience. Our personnel are not chosen just for their background as former law enforcement officers. We also take special care to select officers from the police technical services sections who were wiretappers, TSCM specialists, video surveillance and electronic tracking experts.

We know what to look for!

Ubiquity Countermeasures Inc

We offer highest level of electronic security

Our TSCM technologists are highly skilled individuals, and they have many years of experience in security, technical surveillance countermeasures, and interception techniques. Our experienced practitioners provide the highest level of electronic security with over 50 years of related experience and knowledge.

Our integrity as a company and the individuals who work for us is industry known. Ubiquity Countermeasures Inc. deploys the latest sweep technology to address the most recent threats in electronic surveillance, and we are committed to maintaining countermeasure techniques to combat emerging technologies.

Custom solutions for our customers

We tailor custom solutions for our clients because no two clients are alike! The needs of a corporation vary from the needs of a small business or a matrimonial separation.

Ubiquity Countermeasures Inc

What areas require sweeping? Is there a need for scheduled sweeps or live monitoring of events?

It is essential to discuss the options and needs of the clients to tailor an appropriate response to their concerns. At Ubiquity Countermeasures, we address your security needs and work with you, the client, to resolve your concerns, be it preventative (due diligence) sweep or addressing the actual interception of private information that is occurring.

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